Brief Overview

 Situation Analysis

I was assigned this project while completing my internship at More Buzz Online. MBO is a small business that serves other small businesses by building up their marketing efforts, and Carmela Realty was a client I was assigned to. Carmela’s goal for our campaign was to target people wanting to sell their homes in Westlake Village, CA.

I conducted market and consumer research that was specific to the real estate industry. The research gave us insights into market trends and drivers, as well as factors that affect homeowners’s motivations and decision making in the market. Carmela identified her target audience as potential sellers, but not all homeowners are planning to sell so I did some additional research into which demographics plan to sell their houses more often. I found that recently separated and divorced couples should be our primary audience, followed by Baby Boomers nearing retirement.¬†

The research I conducted allowed me to identify key challenges and opportunities that Carmela’s business is likely facing, and I provided data-backed solutions to address during our campaign.

SEO Test

Web Design and SEO management is part of the service that MBO provides for its clients, so for this account I also was assigned to perform an initial SEO Test. I searched a variety of relevant keywords on sites we identified as beneficial to Carmela’s businesses; which were Google, Yelp, Zillow, and The test identified which platforms would produce results, and of them which keywords would have the least competition for Carmela Realty. This SEO Test gave MBO’s Web and SEO team a better idea of how to optimize Carmela Realty’s visibility online.