Brief Overview

I made this site during a Digital Communication Technologies course at WSU over the course of the semester. This project was aimed at teaching us the bare basics of building and designing a site including navigation, functionality, material sourcing, readability, and use of HTML/CSS.

The content on the site is an analysis of how a local company called Market Vision in Spokane, WA, used communication technologies in their every day operations to address the threats and opportunities facing the advertising industry. Research on the site covers background information, a breakdown of the threats and opportunities facing the industry, an analysis discussing how Market Vision is facing those threats, and recommendations for improvement.

This project taught me to look at communication technologies as tools to reach the consumer. I also learned the importance of functionality and navigation in a website, and how to use HTML/CSS to implement those important features to my websites.

To view the site, click on the image above or copy the link below into your browser.