Brief Overview

I made these two ads as part as an on-campus promotional campaign effort for Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe. Ferdinand’s is the storefront for the products made by the WSU Creamery in their Food Quality department. I was to incorporate both of the store’s iconic product: Ferdinand’s ice cream and WSU’s Cougar Gold Cheese.

I chose to do two separate campaign designs for the two separate products, but format both so they could be distributed on campus digitally via email or digital info boards, and both would be easily printable as posters or fliers to be handed out or hung on campus. For the ice cream poster ad I chose to make the colors bright and use a font that is equally as fun. Since ice cream doesn’t take much persuasion with consumers and most Pullman residents are familiar with Ferdinand’s reputation for amazing flavors, I chose to focus the copy on bringing customers in the doors by naming the location as well reminding them of why everyone loves Ferdinand’s: their 50’s style diner theme is simply fun, and they have a ton of unique flavors. For the Cougar Gold Cheese ad, I aimed to echo the nostalgia that many WSU alums and students feel about the cheese: it is a longstanding part of the Pullman food culture that residents incorporate into everything from mac and cheese to cheesy dogs at football games.

All design elements and copy were produced by me. Images were sourced from Canva and the WSU Creamery website.