Brief Overview

MeasureMeNot is an ongoing project I work on in my spare time. It is my personal cooking blog where I publish and keep all my best recipes. 

It is mainly a passion project, but I have gained some valuable experience from it as well. I completed the branding efforts from the ground up including naming my site (try finding a food-oriented blog name that isn’t already taken–its harder than you think!), building my website on Squarespace, and designing my logo using Canva. It took many drafts, versions, type-fonts, and color palettes, but I settled on a logo for the site I love as well as a cohesive variation for my social media pages.

Aside from the blog itself, I run an Instagram account, Pinterest account, and Facebook page. Managing and scheduling content for all of these has been a learning experience (especially sticking to my planned schedule), but as it turns out I enjoy social media management more than I initially expected. I planned on posting on each once a week initially, but I find myself posting much more often as it is a subject that interests me, and the pages provide me with a place to voice my enthusiasm. 

Cooking has always been a passion and gift for me, and I love crafting original recipes and putting them out there for others to try as well. 

To view the site, click on the image above or copy the link below into your browser.