Brief Overview


This project was assigned to me while I was completing my internship at More Buzz Online. MBO is a small business that serves other small businesses by building up their marketing efforts, and Mitch Stone Photo was the first client I was assigned to. Mitch’s primary goal for our campaign was to reach his consumers digitally and grow his brand so he could eventually book shoots with big name clients.

I started by conducting a situational analysis for Mitch which would reveal challenges and opportunities in his industry, as well as who his target consumer is and how to reach them. I conducted market research which outlined the current state of the photography market as a whole, as well as gave a broad view of who photography consumers entail. I also categorized his portfolio into more niche photography markets: Lifestyle Photography, and Beauty Photography. These niche classifications would allow us to better define and reach his target audience, which I identified as owners of emerging small businesses, as well as influencers (the two audiences overlap more often than not). 

By recommending Mitch run a B2B social media campaign that focuses his outreach on entrepreneurs and influencers, it would allow Mitch to work with other brands, growing his portfolio and reputation over time, and allowing him to eventually reach his long term goal of  booking big name clients.