Brief Overview


I was assigned this project while completing my internship at More Buzz Online. MBO is a small business that serves other small businesses by building up their marketing and consumer outreach at the beginning stages of their entrepreneurial pursuit. MBO’s president wanted me to research and provide insights about MBO’s consumer base (small business owners and new entrepreneurs). 

I conducted market and consumer research which gave a look into the current climate for small business owners, and it also revealed important motivators related to small business’s purchasing / hiring decisions. I went deeper by defining in a more specific way who small business entrepreneurs are in their day to day lives.

My research allowed me to identify MBO’s main challenges and opportunities, and make recommendations on how to address each. MBO’s president used this information to better appeal and connect with his digital audience as well as his current customers. I went on to build custom audiences for him on Facebook ads manager so his future outreach campaigns would be successful.