Brief Overview

I built and designed this site during a web design and usability course at WSU. It was meant to teach us the basics of building and designing a website. For this site I chose a topic of interest to research, write about, and design a website around. I chose “Life in Moscow During the Cold War.”

I organized the information into five main topics that would be separate pages on the website: background information on what Russia’s economic&cultural climate looked like during the war, experiences from journalists living in Moscow during the war, first-hand accounts of what living under surveillance was like, information on some known espionage operations, and a breakdown of the code of operations used during espionage operations called the “Moscow Rules.”

This project taught me plenty of valuable skills toward website building and design, and I got to read and write about a fascinating topic along the way. I learned the basics of how to structure a website on the back end, how to choose a color scheme, and how to design a website logo. The most important thing I learned was how to include navigation throughout my home page and the rest of my site in addition to the header navigation bar / main menu.

To view the site, click on the image above or copy the link below into your browser.